Cops Worldwide...
In spring 1999, when I became a member of the internet community, I was very fascinated of this medium. The flood of informations, the possibility to find out something about nearly everything and the worldwide opportunity to contact people who have the same interests filled me with enthusiasm and threatened me at the same time.

Because of my profession I am very interested in police affairs. So very quickly I found websites like "officer.com" or the e-mail list "TOPCOPS", which is run by a New York officer. I found out, that the internet offers the North American police officers a great forum to discuss all things of police affairs - and I found out, that nothing comparable exists for the German speaking areas and in Europe

In February 2001 I published my first private website, which I created bilingual. On this site I introduced, besides other things, my passion for collecting North American police patches. This first attempt of creating a website was a sucess and nearly 40 % of the visitors were coming from North America

In fall 2001, I had the idea, to create and publish a european police-site, which is bilingual - English and German - and to try in this way, to bring the people who are intersted in police affairs of the two continents North America and Europe and perhaps of the rest of the world together.

With this site - Cops Worldwide - you can see the first attempt to do this.

Everybody who is interested in police affairs and who is of a democratic opinion is welcome on this site. There will be no space for extemism, intolerance, racial hatred or other undemocratic thoughts on this site - finally the struggle against these tendencies of the society is guaranteed by the police-organisations of all democratic countries of the world.

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